Browse Our Signature Lash Styles

Take a peek at our signature styles and score a lash look you love. From natural and flirty to lush and luxurious, there’s a look perfect for you.


Woke Up like this

The perfect basic for the non-basic. Our most popular style, these versatile lashes follow and amplify the natural length of your lashes for an everyday natural look.

Je Ne Sais Quoi

These lashes have a consistent length from the inner to outer corner of the eye, with a dramatic curl that gives you a naturally permed, perfect, and polished look. Chic.

No Pictures, Please

GNO? Another of our most popular styles, these captivating lashes amplify the natural length of your lashes to give you a glamorous "wearing falsies" finish.


Hey doll, These anime-inspired lashes are longest at the top of your lash line to make your eyes look rounder and larger, leaving you with hypnotizing doll-like eyes for that "not-trying-but-still-cute" look.

Not Your Baby

In the business of breaking hearts and taking names? These seductive lashes are longest at the outer corners of your eyes and curl up at the ends for a sultry, cat-like finish.Heartbreak insurance not included.

Oh , WHO ME ?

Caught in the headlights, you innocent lamb? These fluttery lashes are also longest at the outer corners of your eyes, but curl down at the ends, for an alluring, dow-eyed effect. Perfect balance of innocent and sexy.